One Of The Fastest Growing Company

One Of The Fastest Growing Company
One Of The Fastest Growing Company
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Website Design & Digital Marketing Company. Since 2012.

I'm Famadewa Felix Fortunatus, Founder, and CEO at UfirstDEV Technologies.

Yes, I know you're here to grow your business not to hear the story but let me give you a short version of how UfirstDEV Technologies started.

I started UfirstDEV Technologies over 10 years ago but officially started over 8 years ago during my Computer Engineering Degree at the university.

I never had in mind to get another job full-time because this is what I love and enjoy doing most; bringing ideas to life in the browser.

By the time I started UfirstDEV Technologies officially, I started working with some agencies in the school, my fellow student's websites, and some of my lecturers started giving me websites and other related projects to work on.

Little by little, some other people outside campus started noticing my work. They liked the quality of the designs. Some of these people referred me to others, and I started getting more projects and working with different agencies.

Before I graduated, I started working remotely with many startups, and companies, which allowed me to gain more experience.

Fast forward to today: we are a team of 5 people, worked with over 10 startups and companies, have worked on over 150 projects, and are one of the leading digital companies in Nigeria.

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We So Much Care About Your Business

Helping your business to get better results & multiply revenue.


What Clients Say About Us


Website Design & Digital Marketing Company. Since 2012.

UfirstDEV Technologies is a website design & digital marketing company helping businesses of any size get better results and go global.

Strategic Planning

At UfirstDEV Technologies, we start by understanding your business goals, your market, and your existing strategies and help with a better strategic way to achieve your business goals. We help ensure the fast and easy future growth of your business.


At UfirstDEV Technologies, we channel all our professional services toward the growth of your business. We create a bespoke website that converts visitors to potential customers, and leverage digital marketing to increase your sales and reach more target audiences.


At UfirstDEV Technologies, your business growth is important to us, so, we focus on creating the fastest and smartest ways to help you achieve growth in your business. We are results-driven.

Does that sound like something you want to experience in your business?

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We Focused on Results

Whatever your goal is for your website, UfirstDEV will help you bring it to REALITY.

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