How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page For Your Business and Grow It

How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page For Your Business and Grow It
How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page For Your Business and Grow It
How To Create A LinkedIn Business Page For Your Business and Grow It

LinkedIn Business Page provides your business opportunities to connect with clients, build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry.

In this article, I’ll be giving a step-by-step guide on how to create a LinkedIn business page:

Step 1: Login or register your account

Go to www.linkedin.com, and log in. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you can sign up, it does not take much time.

Step 2: Create a LinkedIn Business Page

After you’ve logged in, click on the Work icon at the top right of your browser. Then scroll to the bottom of the menu that pops up and pick Create a Company Page.

Choose the right type of Page from the options available:

  • Company
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institution

After you select the Page type, start filling in your details. Your logo and tagline will serve as the first impression and you know first impression matters, so take your time to write a good tagline.

When you’re done, click Create page. whoop! you have just created your business page. Well done.

Step 3: Optimize your Page

After the basics, it’s time to optimize your new Page to get noticed and start building.

First, click the blue Edit Page button.

Fill out all the fields in this additional information area. This will make what you do clear to LinkedIn users and help with your LinkedIn SEO.

Few tips: Add a cover image, use hashtags, use keywords in your description, add a custom button eg Contact Us, Learn more, Visit our website, or Sign up.

Step 4: Start Building your LinkedIn Business Page

No one is going to know your LinkedIn Business Page exists unless you tell them.

A few tips: Share it, Link it to your website, Send an invitation to follow, Ask your employee to update their profile, and begin to share meaningful and impactive content. 

I hope you found this useful. If you need help or guidance in improving your social media page(s), simply Contact Us. We’d be happy to assist. Do you have questions or comments concerning social media management? Please feel free to leave a reply below. Someone on your list might need this, please help share. Thanks

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